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News: Been to Cuba? Latest US Entry Information

Well hasn't this been a controversial topic for a while! Here's everything you need to know... 

News: US Visitors No Longer Need To Be Vaccinated, Flights May 12th Onwards

I steer away from the politics around this subject, but I know this is news that so many of you...

Why Travelling with Children is AMAZING! Even long haul. Promise!

First of all, what exactly are the benefits of travel for kids? 

News: ESTA Application Process Change, Dec 2022

It's actually a great idea, in theory.

Lost Luggage - How to plan for it, and what to do it if it happens

More luggage is being lost than ever before - here's how to prepare for it happening and what to do...

News: USA Scraps Pre-Departure COVID Testing from June 12th!

You no longer need to take a Pre-Departure Test to travel to the USA.

How to Avoid Airport Queues (and make them more comfortable if you can't...)

In this post we look at avoiding the queues, speeding through security (if we can all do that,...

News: ESTA Price Increase - May 26th 2022

In line with the cost of, well, everything increasing in 2022, the price of an ESTA is also going...

Pre-Departure Test Review - DocHQ & FlowFlex tests from Boots

Having previously used - and loved - Qured (who are ultra professional, flexible & reliable but...