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Frequently asked questions

We will be adding to this list as time goes on, with the most popular questions we get asked on Instagram

Do I need to have had my booster to travel to the USA?

No, not yet! I'm sure this will come in time, but at the moment it isn't required - two doses of any of the vaccinations given in the UK is sufficient

Do I need 6 months remaining on my passport to go to America?

No! This hasn't been needed for a long time. As long as your passport covers the duration of your trip, that is sufficient. 

That said, I like to have at least a couple of weeks remaining after my planned journey home, just in case of any delays - particularly important in this COVID crazy world! 

Also, if you are flying indirect and connecting in a European country, you will need 3 months (Schengen area countries) or 6 months remaining on your passport.