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Global Entry Fee to Rise from Oct 2024 - but it's not all bad news!

No idea what Global Entry is? Check out our in-depth article here (which has been updated with the newly announced changes). 

Or read on to find out more about what the changes are and when they come into force.

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CBP have announced a raft of changes to their Trusted Traveller schemes, and Global Entry is one of the schemes seeing an update. Full details are below. 

Global Entry Application Price Increase

CBP have announced that from October 1st 2024 the cost of applying for Global Entry will increase from $100 to $120.

So if you're considering applying, definitely look at getting your application started before this date! 

However, it's not all bad news... 

Children Can Apply at No Cost

From the same date, children under the age of 18 of those who have successfully applied for Global Entry can apply themselves at no cost - meaning they should be able to get Global Entry for free! 

They still need to go through the full application process - including the 'interview' (even if they're infants!), but there will be no cost involved for the Global Entry itself application (we're assuming the UK background check and it's cost will remain, but will update this post if that changes). 

This is a great update for families, as prior to this they could only benefit from the TSA Pre-Check part of the scheme, allowing quicker and easier movement through security points when flying from US airports. 

How Do Both Changes Affect Costs for Families? 

I think, for families who can afford it, Global Entry for families becomes really worth it at as little as 2 visits to the U.S. per year.

Even at 1 visit per year it's not outlandishly expensive, but it depends on the size of the family - the more children in the family, the bigger the saving versus the current situation (paying full price for children) & the less the cost per per person, per visit. 

Some Scenarios: 

Family with 2 adults & 2 children OR 1 adult & 1 child:

🔴 Current cost for 2 adults & 2 children: ~£484

🔴 Current cost for 1 adult & 1 child: ~£242

🟢 Cost for 2 adults & 2 children after Oct 1st: ~£274

🟢 Cost for 1 adults & 1 children after Oct 1st: ~£137

ℹ️ At 3 visits per year, the new price works out as £4.57 per person, per year

ℹ️ At 2 visits per year, it would be £6.85 per person, per year

ℹ️ At 1 visit per year, it would be £13.70 per year


Family with 2 adults & 3 children: 

🔴 Current cost: ~£605 

🟢 After Oct 1st: ~£274

ℹ️ At 3 visits per year, the new price works out as £3.65 per person, per year

ℹ️ At 2 visits per year, the new price works out as £5.48 per person, per visit

ℹ️ At 1 visit per year, it would be £10.96 per visit


Is It Still the Best Way to Speed Through Immigration on Arrival? 

Great question!

With the Mobile Passport Control (MPC) app now available to those travelling on the visa waiver scheme - aka 'with an ESTA' - transit times through Customs & Immigration on arrival in the USA have been sped up significantly for VWP travellers. 

At the moment, with the program still being relatively new, MPC app users often (but not always) use the same queue as Global Entry members and follow a similar arrival process with the app.

This means that in some airports, particularly at quieter times, there is little benefit to Global Entry over MPC when it comes to arrivals. 

It remains to be seen if this will continue to be the case, and when MPC will be rolled out to more airports, so we'll monitor the situation closely and publish content soon comparing the two. 

(My prediction is that going forwards, longer term, CBP will be keen to differentiate between free schemes like MPC and programs like Global Entry that make them a lot of money they won't be willing to lose! Therefore I believe Global Entry will benefit from a smoother, faster arrivals process in the medium to long term, with MPC offering a smaller improvement over standard arrivals at busy times. But this is only my personal view - we'll see what happens!) 

Please let us know your experience of using either the Global Entry or Mobile Passport Control app over on Instagram!