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Blog: We Have an Amazon Influencer Storefront & Blue Tick on Instagram!

Just a short post today! 

In the week that we also got a shiny blue tick over on Instagram, we've been accepted onto the Amazon Influencer program - which means we now have a central place to save & share all the products that we highly recommend. 

This will be a huge step up from sharing them one by one in our Instagram stories and saving them to lengthy highlights...bleugh! 

So please welcome...our Amazon Storefront! 

Today we're talking travel products... More specifically, travel products that we've tried, tested and LOVE!

I've always felt a little conflicted sharing links to products that we've tested and recommend. 

On the one hand we're asked alllllll the time, so we now it's much wanted information, and we only ever share products that we've tried ourselves and found to be high quality.

We stand by all our recommendations and can recommend them without hesitation - we share all the pros and cons, and where appropriate advice who a particular product might be suitable - and unsuitable - for. 

We have been part of the Amazon Affiliate program for some time, and given how much time and effort we put into collating our reviews and sharing links, I have no problem that - at no extra cost to you whatsoever - we make a few pence for each product sold from our links. 

However, on the other hand, it just feels a little bit 'ugh'! 

So between that icky feeling and how faffy & time consuming it is to share one link at a time over on Instagram stories, I definitely don't do it enough, and often only when chased via our super supportive followers! 

However, I don't know whether it's the shiny new blue tick or passing 2000 followers over on Instagram, but we've now been accepted into the Amazon Influencer program, so now have a Storefront page. 

What's Amazon Storefront?

Basically what's new is that we don't have to share one product at a time, or build a blog post or web page to share a carefully collated list of related products - I can create public, browsable lists within the Amazon platform of all the products we've tried, tested & love, along with a few words about what we like / dislike about each.

So much easier! 

From your perspective, it's now just one link to remember / bookmark (and of course it'll be linked here and in our Instagram bio), and can even 'follow us' over the Amazon app to see our updates. 

I've already created a couple of lists - our ultimate travel essentials that we absolutely rely on (I'll be adding to this - already spotted a few missing items!), as well as the curated list of power banks I've tried, tested & recommend. 

We can also add photos and tag any products shown in them - I've added a couple of these to start us off, but would love to hear your suggestions. 

Coming Up...

I'll continue to build our content, and upcoming lists will include: 

  • Theme Park Essentials
  • Health and Beauty Products for Travel 
  • Travelling with Babies
  • Travelling with Toddlers
  • Travelling with Children
  • My Favourite Travel Tech - Gadgets & Gizmos

...and no doubt many more! 

I may even set up a 'CrosswalkKids' list, with recommendations from the littlest dudes in the house for their favourite travel products - I'm guessing this would include Nintendo Switches and iPads, as well as books, colouring supplies, fidget toys, water bottles and comfort aids like neck pillows. 

Find Our Storefront

You can hop over to our page at and, if you're logged into Amazon or using the app, even follow us on there, to see future updates. 

I'm planning to share at least 1-2 new lists a week until we get everything set up that you guys, our awesome friends and supporters, are always asking for. 

Any requests? Fire me a DM over on Instagram

Open in the App

If the page opens within Instagram or another app that isn't your browser, you can usually click the icon at the top right, select 'Open in System Browser', and it will open it in, for example, Safari on an iPhone. 

If you have the Amazon app installed on your device, you can then click the 'Open App' button that appears at the top of the page.

Once you've done this once it will always open in the Amazon app when clicked in Instagram or a similar app.