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News: ESTA Price Increase - May 26th 2022

As I've been posting about over on Instagram, it's about to get a little more expensive to travel to the USA.

In line with the cost of, well, everything increasing in 2022, the price of an ESTA is also going up - from $14 to $21.

This new price takes effect on May 26 at 5 p.m. Eastern - that's 10pm here in the UK.

Due to the falling value of the pound, the relative price of an ESTA had already gone up from just over £10 to approximately £11.15, and now this price rise puts the cost up to around £16.75.

So if you're planning to travel to the US in the next year or two and don't currently have a valid ESTA, you might want to apply before that point!

(Tip - if you can, pay with a card that doesn't charge a fee for foreign transactions)

This is the first price increase we've seen since 2015, and the new price will continue until at least 2027.