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UK Travel Rules Change - Again [11 Feb 2022]

I'm not sure how long it's been since we made it through a full month without further changes to the UK travel rules...

Sure enough, here are a few more!

travellers passing through an airport

For all travellers arriving in the UK after 4am today (February 11th 2022), the rules have changed once again.

The changes vary depending on the incoming traveller's vaccination status.

NB: The definition of "Fully vaccinated" when it comes to UK travel rules remains a full initial course of a vaccination - so for those vaccination types given in the UK, that's 2 doses. A booster is not yet required.

Under 18s are classed as fully vaccinated regardless of their status. 

Please note - this article refers to rules affecting passengers travelling TO the UK - not FROM the UK to another country, such as the United States. Other countries have their own travel rules. 

Changes to UK Travel Rules - Fully Vaccinated & Under 18s

  • You no longer have to take a test on Day 2 - in fact, there are now no travel tests required by the UK for fully vaccinated incoming travellers
  • From today, your only requirement when travelling to the UK is to submit a Passenger Locator Form before your UK-bound travel 

Changes to UK Travel Rules - Partly Vaccinated or Unvaccinated

I'm including this here for the sake of completeness, even though it's likely that 99.9% of people travelling back from the US fall into the 'Fully Vaccinated or Under 18' category above.

  • From today you no longer need to isolate on arrival in the UK, nor require a PCR test on Day 8
  • You do however still need to show proof of a negative pre-departure test taken in the 2 days before you travel to the UK
  • You also need to take a PCR test on Day 2 back in the UK (Day 0 is the day you land)
  • Your Day 2 PCR must be booked before you travel - you will need the booking reference for your Passenger Locator Form
  • Finally, you must submit a Passenger Locator Form in the 48hrs before you come to the UK

As always, the full details can be found on the official Government page

If you have any questions, please do let me know! Either via the Contact page or Facebook or, for a quicker response*, Instagram.

*Instagram is best, because I haven't officially launched the Facebook page and I'm not on there as often - the page only has any followers at all because some of our most observant Instagram followers discovered it somehow! I will see your message on there or via the contact form, just not as quickly as I will on Instagram :)